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The Gately/Poole Acting Conservatory is a unique school which has created the The Acting Intensives as the foundation of its training program. It is based upon the Meisner Technique with additional innovations developed by Richard Poole and Kathryn Gately. This approach to training was designed to allow actors, who have already begun to work professionally, to continue their careers while strengthing their skills and growth as artists. 

FEATURED STUDENT (click below):


Charlotte Gave a recent interview with NHK World about her role on Massan and her career here

James Gandolfini on Inside the Actors Studio speaking about the conservatory training.


Alumni speaking about learning from Kathryn Gately and Richard Poole

These are challenging workshops which require a great deal of discipline and the motivation to excel in one’s artistic development. One must have a serious commitment to thorough professional training. It is not appropriate for someone who is only curious or is testing whether or not he is interested in acting. It is best if a candidate has had some experience. This can be from theatre productions, film or tv, or other acting classes. In some cases, however, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if it is felt that the candidate is dedicated, highly motivated, and will be right for the program. The classes are taught by national and internationally acclaimed master teachers. 

What makes Gately/Poole Chicago Acting Classes unique:

• Award winning and industry celebrated Alumni

• Extensive Alumni recognition and success in Film, Television, and Stage. 

• Development of 6 National and International Acting Programs

• Head of 2 URTA/NAST premiere graduate and undergraduate acting programs 

• One of most renown and comprehensive acting conservatories in America


The Gately Poole Acting Intensives are the foundation of the Gately Poole training program. They are designed for promising young actors and professionals who prefer concentrated conservatory style training to conventional, long-term programs.

This approach to training allows professional actors the opportunity to continue to pursue a career while honing and developing their skills. Read More