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Acting Intensives


...glad to hear your 3-week intensive went well, and congrats to your student on booking the movie. And congrats to you for having a program that gives students a real shot at a sustainable life in this profession. That is not something many programs can say happens on a regular basis, but you (Richard) and Kathryn have developed something pretty fantastic and real.
— Abigail Trabne, Managing Editor for Performink, Chicago

With a background for many years heading a University MFA & BFA professional acting degree program and professional conservatory program, we place great value in thorough, in-depth training. We recognize, however, that such a program is costly, and it can take several years to complete. To address this issue, members of the industry requested that we create a new approach. It offers the same comprehensive training, but it is accelerated, and it permits actors to pursue a career while developing their talent.

In this program, we will train you for two or three weeks at a time. Your classes and acting partners are centralized. You are in class or rehearsals 8-10 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week. That’s about 50 hours each week. We can achieve unprecedented results because the focus is completely on the work, no distractions. You receive constant updates on your growth, and the feedback is unique to your talent. Your faculty meets daily to collectively review your progression, because when you commit to coming to train with us, we commit to you. And our standards are high. That’s what you get when studying with one of the most renowned and comprehensive conservatories in the world.

To see the success of our students, visit the alumni page. We have taught stars and award winners in every area of the industry. After our program, the students go from the classroom to the stage and screen.
Look at the track record - our graduates work

Courses Offered Spring 2017

Advanced Character and Scene work
Contemporary and Period Style
Research, Text Analysis, Clarity and Connection
(by invitation only)

The course will include a program of intensive, stimulating and challenging classes, rehearsals and practical
workshops. The lessons are clear, sequential, specific, and imaginative. In-depth development in observation,
rich responsiveness, and vivid objectives will deal with the specific uniqueness of human behavior.

The classes include exercises and scene work to:

• Develop effortless, spontaneous responsiveness to others
• Discover how to use oneself simply and truthfully, poetically and expansively
• Explore specific actions in the theatrical world of the dramatic imagination
• Create behavioral connectedness in relationships and to life-altering circumstances

Other areas of acting training include:

• On-camera work;
• Analysis through script work
• Exercises working on drilling ‘actions’;
• Work on developing a deep emotional life for the actor;
• Developing the dramatic imagination.

The workshop will offer about 150 hrs of instruction with the classes running 5 1/2 days per week, from 9am to 7pm, with a lunch break and some time before each class to prepare. Each evening students will be given assignments to prepare for the next day and they will need to rehearse with a partner. The class work requires discipline and the motivation to excel in one’s own artistic development.

This workshop will give a very strong introduction to the Meisner technique as well as the other areas of acting training listed above. By the end of the program, the students will have completed an extraordinary journey. They will have integrated and mastered some essential skills necessary to build a solid foundation in Acting.

Other acting intensives OFFERED IN THE future

Audition Technique - Monologues and Cold Reading
Business of the Business - the Agent Interview, Headshots, Personal Marketing
Professional Reel for Casting Directors, Agents, and your Website


Level 2 will work to develop and intensify relationship, objective, and actions through the world of the dramatic
imagination. Theatrical and compelling behavior and fluid contact under heightened circumstances is included.