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Film & Television

The Gately/Poole Acting Conservatory is a unique school which has created the The Acting Intensives as the foundation of its training program. It is based upon the Meisner Technique with additional innovations developed by Richard Poole and Kathryn Gately. This approach to training was designed to allow actors, who have already begun to work professionally, to continue their careers while strengthing their skills and growth as artists. 

Film & Television


Students of Richard Poole and Kathryn Gately were filmed on location in Chicago, the Chicago Suburbs, and western Indiana. The video clips were used to network with agents, casting directors, and producers in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 32 scenes were shot with 30 actors, and 40 hours of footage was edited down to 2 hours of material. Elkhorn productions was hired to film the actors. It was an extraordinary experience for the actors and a major asset in launching their careers.

Suzanne Schmidt & Nicholas Ferrucci

Jaime Lorraine & Brandon Greenhouse

Kaitlin Henderson & Mark Gardener

Caitlin Ewald & Mitchell Martin

Christie Maturo & Clay Blackwell

Rotimi Agbabiaka performing a Spoon River Exercise

This clip shows Logan Huffman (America, Circledrawers, Lymelife, ABC'S V Series) who had the starring role in The Death of Film which was shown at the Toronto film festival in October 2013.

Charlotte Kate Fox recently starred in a foreign Nissan commercial, and will be on Broadway as the lead, Roxie Hart, in November

intensive student Jon Garcia directed a national contest winning video “Feel Like Running,” created by Chris Marshall & the August Light. The video also features intensive student, Janet Scanlon.