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NEW Student Drop-In Class

Come in for the evening to meet and work with us

DATES: Wednesdays
2/15;  3/1,  3/15,  3/29
TIME: 6 - 9:00pm
Chicago's Royal George Theatre; 1641 N. Halsted St


Work during the class will include the early Meisner Technique, introduction to Physical and Vocal TechniqueOn-camera lessons, an Action/Verb workshop, and text drills with Open-ended Scenes. The classes will be taught by Kathryn Gately, Richard Poole, and Joe Matyas or Kendra Holton. 

This will be an opportunity to learn about the school, meet some of the faculty, and be given an introduction to the training program. To register or get further information, you can email us at We hope to hear from you and look forward to meeting and working with you during one of these evenings.


"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances"

Advanced Classes

For alumni of the conservatory or actors with comparable background. 

DATES: Tuesdays
2/7,  2/14,  2/28,  3/14,  3/28.
TIME: 6 - 9:00pm
Chicago's Royal George Theatre; 1641 N. Halsted St

$30 for 1 class with discounts for each additional class

This is an Audition class which will include Cold Readings and Monologues.                                               To register for one or more of these classes or for further information, you can e-mail us at with your dates.




"An ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words"

The Acting Intensive


our premier training program for the dedicated actor


    ...glad to hear your 3-week intensive went well, and congrats to your student on booking the movie. And congrats to you for having a program that gives students a real shot at a sustainable life in this profession. That is not something many programs can say happens on a regular basis, but you (Richard) and Kathryn have developed something pretty fantastic and real.

    -Abigail Trabne, Managing Editor for Performink, Chicago


      We believe in long-term, in-depth artistic development, but we recognize the increasing difficulty in committing three or four years to full-time training as an actor. We’re also aware of a the cost of two-year training programs in expensive cities.

      In this accelerated program, we’ll train you for two or three weeks at a time. Here’s how it looks: we live in one location. Your scene partner and the studios are down the hall. You’re in class or rehearsals 8-10 hours a day, six days a week. That’s about 150 hours of training in less than a month. We can achieve unprecedented results because the focus is completely on the work. While training, you receive constant updates on your growth, and the feedback is individual to your talent. Your faculty meets daily to collectively stratagize your progression, and we are relentless - because when you commit to coming to train with us, we commit to you. And our standards are high. That’s what you get when studying with one of the most renowned and comprehensive conservatories in the world.

      LEVEL 1:

      • to build a solid technique
      • to live in the imaginary world
      • to use oneself truthfully
      • to be effortless, spontaneous and responsive to others

      LEVEL 2:

      • to develop powerful, deep emotional connections
      • to create strong and compelling objectives
      • to develop significant relationships
      • to practice action/verbs, and other advanced lessons

      Level 4:

      • audition skills, cold reading, and monologues
      • a video reel is made for your website, casting directors, agents, etc

      Level 3:

        • advanced character work
        • advanced scene work
        You want to be an actor and you’ve waited long enough.
        Traditional training programs are too long or too expensive.
        You can’t wait another minute.
        You’re committed to making it happen. Now.
        Training at the highest level. Now.
        Sustainable Actor Training - commit to the Long Haul and a Life-Time Career

        London Summer Acting Intensive

        Meisner & New Innovations in Actor Training

        The Conservatory is excited to announce that this summer we brought the Acting Intensive to London. In an affiliation with Rose Bruford college, the leading international theatre college in London, we had classes for a group of students from Europe and the United States. It was an exhilarating and exciting time for everyone.

        London is a fascinating city, architecturally stunning, which combines the old and the new and filled with history - palaces, churches, theatres, museums, and of course, the Tower of London. A surprise invitation to a performance and personal tour of the Rose Theatre with its manager was a special treat. One of our students arranged all this and joined us for the performance of Titus Andronicus. The Rose was one of the 4 theatres during Shakespeare’s time, and its architectural ruins which are attached to the current theatre were discovered in 1977. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre also was excavated and was 1 block down from this site. So, we learned about all this history in vivid and great detail.

        Macbeth was performed at the reconstructed Globe Theatre. It was wonderful to be sitting in Shakespeare’s famous theatre and
        be a member of the audience watching a compelling performance of this powerful play. It brought one back to the period of our greatest English playwright. All in all, this marked an important and exciting new journey for the conservatory, and we were honored to have been invited by the college, and we look forward to returning next summer.

        A consummate actor should be able not only to play himself but transform himself