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Established in 1982, The Gately/Poole Acting Studio is a professional acting studio located near Chicago, Illinois. Master Teachers Kathryn Gately and Richard Poole base their methods on The Meisner Acting Technique and have updated it to serve the unique needs of contemporary actors working in today’s competitive market. Kathryn and Richard have had great success over several decades, training versatile and competitive actors for the challenging, yet rewarding entertainment industry.

The Gately/Poole Meisner Acting Program for Stage, Film, and Television provides comprehensive training in acting principles and a step-by-step progression of exercises known as The Meisner Acting Technique, developed by Sanford Meisner. Our work includes the entire, intact canon of 1st and 2nd year work and is based on the complete foundation of the original, intact Meisner Progression, updated to fit the modern actor’s needs.